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CAPSURE Pages: Baseline 20, Baseline Progress Note (7)

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Patient Directory
Baseline 01 Information Birthdate, ethnicity, insurance
Baseline 02 Cancer Staging Information Initial biopsy, Prostate volume, PSA, TNM
Baseline 03 Cancer State Evaluation: Test 1 CBC, PAP, TRUS, MRI, CT, Ultrasound, X-Ray, etc.
Baseline 04 Cancer State Evaluation: Test 2 IVP, Cystoscopy, Other tests
Baseline 05 Prostate Pathology: Methods 1 Core needle biopsy, FNA, TUR, Other methods
Baseline 06 Prostate Pathology: Methods 2 Core needle biopsy, FNA, TUR, Other methods
Baseline 07 Prostate Pathology: DRE Digital-Rectal Examination, Initial & subsequent evaluation
Baseline 08 Prostate Pathology: Systematics Systematic/mapped biopsy, Initial and subsequent evaluation
Baseline 09 Prostate Pathology: Non-systematic Non-systematic/non-mapped biopsy, Initial and subsequent evaluation
Baseline 10 Treatment Waiting, Radical prostatectomy, Lymphadenectomy
Baseline 11 Treatment (cont) Cryosurgery/cryoablation, Radiation therapy
Baseline 12 Hormonal Therapy Orchiectomy, LHRH agonist, Anti-androgen
Baseline 13 Hormonal Therapy (cont) DES, Finasteride, other treatments, hot flashes
Baseline 14 Baseline Progress Note Visit reason, Current stage and staging
Baseline 15 Baseline Progress Note (cont) New diagnoses, Treatment plan, DRE, Labs ordered
Baseline 16 Baseline Progress Note (cont) Imaging studies, Clinic procedures
Baseline 17 Baseline Progress Note (cont) Signs and symptoms, Other treatments this visit
Baseline 18 Baseline Progress Note (cont) Karnofsky, Clinical trial
Baseline 19 Baseline Progress Note (cont) Medications - specific
Baseline 20 Baseline Progress Note (cont) Medications - other, Comments
Baseline 21 Patient Decline Form For patients who decline to participate
Lab note 01 PSA, Hematology, and Chemistry
Lab note 02 Urinalysis and Other Tests
Progress Note 01 Visit Reason Reason for visit, current staging, TNM staging
Progress Note 02 Diagnoses Diagnoses, treatment plan, DRE, labs ordered
Progress Note 03 Imaging Imaging studies ordered, clinic procedures
Progress Note 04 Surgery 1 Transrectal biopsy, rad. prostatectomy, lymphadenectomy
Progress Note 05 Surgery 2 Cryosurgery/cryoablation, radiation therapy
Progress Note 06 Signs & Symptoms Other treatments, signs and symptoms
Progress Note 07 Karnofsky Karnofsky scale and description
Progress Note 08 Medications 1 Medications - specific
Progress Note 09 Medications 2 Medications - other comments